What are some of the best fretboard and fret polishers out there for cheap?$20-$40?
Plus, what do you use to polish the frets? Many thanks in advance
idk much about cleaners but i use GHS Fast Fret and thats seems to get the job done for cleaning strings and fretboard.
^+1 i have it....... and it does wonders.....
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Thanks Skierinanutshel, thanks for the feedback too WTF. I was just wondering, cause I'm too lazy to do it myself, does GC sell this?
Thanks, just a thought though, Does an SG-310 have a maple fretboard? Cause it says it "doesn't work" with maple. Why doesn't it work? Also, if you could please direct me to a good, but cheap, fretboard cleaner, Isa be soes happies
planet waves makes a fret polishing kit for maybe 10 bucks or so with paper squares with a very fine abbrasive on them kind of like sandpaper but for fine polishing metal. if you want to polish them you will probably want a jig that protects the fretboard while youre doing the polishing. the kit comes with one but its paper and hard to use. i suggest buying a fingerboard protector (like a piece of plastic with a fret width slot you lay over it so you touch the fret only when cleaning) for a couple of bucks to make it easier. also this will not level the frets or take down high frets. its just for cleaning. however it will cut down on break in time significantly on new guitars as far as working in the frets so that bends feel as glass smooth as possible.