Hi all

Yesterday i was looking through a pawn shop and saw a Ibanez Concord 752 acoustic guitar for Aus$300 (approximately US$195).

Its black and with some scratches. Looking on the internet last night found that this guitar was made around 1976.

Is this a good deal?
The Concord series were great guitars -- I keep an eye out on e-bay for them, always thinking I'll buy one but never do. That price sounds pretty low to me -- for some reason the black ones go a little cheaper -- is that the one with the big rosette?? Just remember it is a 30 year old guitar and pawn shops usually know what they have and it's value.
this guitar ( I bought mine 1975) is really a great guitar with an amazing sound.
I wasn`t rvery careful with it in the seventies and aighties but nothing went wrong with this instrument. The tuners work still like new, no bending of the neck etc.
you can compare it with any Martin or Taylor guitars. I woul never sell it.
My friend has one not sure if exact model but i was a concord passed down from his mom, Great guitar nice feel a lil dark sounding for my taste but stilla great guitar and built like a rock
Ahh...The Ibanez Concord was a good solid series of guitars. You can't go wrong with one 'o these but I wouldn't buy it for THAT price. Is it a 12 string?