I'm just trying to figure this out because me and my band have a few songs already, just about an albums worth, an eps worth. the closest place we live near is Mockingbird which in Mansfield MA that has lessons and a mini knd of studio. since this is no professional studio but good enough for a good sounding Cd to be produced, how much do think it costs. we just wanna record what weve got so far thats all. probably like a day or two is enough. thanks for the help!
I don't mean to be a dickhead, but why have you come here to ask that ? We can give you a rough idea, but how long would it take you to make a 2 minute phone call to actually find out the answer?
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Well, we recorded at Madhouse here in Birmingham, it cost about £160 for 10 hours but the quality isn't the best.

We also planned to record at a home studio of a band we gigged with, he said we can record a track for £20, which includes mixing and everything. Too bad we broke up before we could actually record anything. Here's a link to his home studio page: http://www.myspace.com/guyjonesproductions
my studio charges 75 an hour without an engineer and 90 with a junior engineer, which is me. or you can take the expensive route and 120 will get you a realy good engineer/producer. It adds up, trust me.
ask the studio it varies a lot, the one I used to work at was $100 an hour for the studio including an engineer, plus you had to buy your own tape (which isn't cheap, but this probably won't apply to you), then like $30 an for for the mixing/mastering room.

remember to budget at least one hour per track for mixing, a lot of bands don't do that and end up releasing very poorly mixed crap.
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AT my home studio, I charge $30/hr or $150 for a six-hour day. There are pro studios around here that charge over $100/hr.

Yes, if it is an analog facility, you have to buy tape, which is expensive.

Consider the following about estimating costs:

... and question #1 here:

And while we're at it, some advice on preparing to record. Note the sub-tabs too....

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