well i just posted this not too long ago in the pit, and it got closed because i guess it wasnt the right forum so maybe this is a better place. anyways heres my question:

(thank god for copy and paste)

I've been playing guitar for about a year now, and i can tell that i've been making good progress. The only thing is all i have really done is just work on my improvising, and my technique. Even though i can just start playing whatever comes off the top of my head, and have it sound pretty alright, it no doubt gets repetitive and i've kinda hit a brick wall. My friends said i should learn some songs to get a feel for other methods and playing styles. The problem with that is most of what i listen too (Children of Bodom, Wintersun, things like that) are uh... too complex for me right now >.<' lol. So any ideas what some relatively simple but good to practice metal songs would be?
Some Iron Maiden solos aren't too bad... Number of the Beast and The Trooper.

You'll have hammer-ons coming out the wazoo once you master Dave Murray's stuff!

Black Sabbath solos are great, Iron Man and Paranoid being some of my favourites.