So I tried recording with my buddy today using a drum program, but we couldn't seem to get the beats, timing, and tempo right when making the loops....

I was using REAPER with MyDrumSet, and the loops just didn't fit too well and the timing was off by like .01 seconds, which added up and would throw everything off...

When making recordings, do you usually make the drum beats first and record with the drum loops running?

Also, how could I get my timing better with these drum programs? I've tried to make it as precise as possible, even using math to determine how many seconds exactly to space eat drum hit, but it's still off...
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Using reaper set the bpm you want, and then space the drums according to the grid in the sequencer. You should be able to snap to each beat making them perfectly in time. I assume MyDrumSet uses midi arranging, so that should work. BTW- Ezdrummer is much easier to use and much faster to setup.

I always record while the drums are playing, as a substitute for a metronome, plus it helps me get "in the zone" lol. Even if its a simple drum beat, I can always go back later and change the beat to fit what I played. Often times, I'll jam to a drum beat for 30 or so minutes, and then listen to it and pick out the best riffs to use.
You should always play to a simple backing track or click track.

Also there should be a snap to grid function somewhere in your DAW, no math required.

Also be aware that there likely going to latency, if you don't already have it I suggest grabbing asio4all and consider getting a small USB or firewire audio interface.


This site is your friend.
If you know how to work it and can find it (ehrm...) then programming drums in Guitar Pro is a relatively easy way. The MIDI files you export from GP will be dead accurate timing- and tempo-wise and can be used to control My Drumset.