The bass player in my band needed a new rig stat. We went to Guitar Center and as a guitarist (with a good bit experience) I traded guiding him the best I could. He dropped over $1,200 and wondering if it was a worth it. Any reviews, comments and thoughts welcomed. He got a complete setup. Here's what he got.....

ESP B-2005
Gallien-Krueger Goldline 500 Bass Head
Gallien Krueger GK Backline 210 Bass Cabinet
Road Runner Polyfoam Bass Guitar Case
Speaker Cable

We're a band getting ready to go to the studio and gig weekly. We play modern rock (check my profile for samples or www.myspace.com/tusoun). Anyone know anything on this gear. For the price range and what he got we're satisfied.
In my opinion, the head seems pretty good, probably could have gotten more for the cab though.
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Haha yeah thats me actually...and yes I have an instrument cable, I play guitar too I wasnt starting from scratch to that degree haha.
I played the Goldline head and 410 at GC. I thought it sounded great.
He could have done a lot better with that much dough, but for buying in-store I think he did alright. I don't know if it'll record well, though...
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If your playing rock you need a 1x15 cab in there aswell. The 2x10s wont provide much but high end. As for going with GK... Good choice :P
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Get a 15 as soon as possible, you will defiantlky notice the lack of bass when you play loud.

I have no idea about the bass but still. Did you get Gc to give you some discounts. If youve just bought the stuff take the 2x10 back and swap it for a 1x15.
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Honestly, I think he should get a 1x15 and swap out the 2x10 for a 4x10 asap, as in as soon as he can possibly do it without living on the street. A 1x15 and a 4x10 are typically the standard 2 cab configs for rock/metal/etc anything that needs to hit the bass hard, because the 1x15 handles the low end and rumble fantastically, while the 4x10 provides the punch and the cut to be heard through the guitars and drums.

Other than that it looks solid. Look for used stuff if you can, its usually always cheaper. go to talkbass.com they have a used section, he might be able to find something there
Tbh he could have done better in decision of cabs. The head is a solid choice. And, if im honest, all he needs is a 1x15 on the bottom of that. The head will be giving its full power into a 1x15 and a 2x10.

Tell him not too worry about a 4x10 just yet, get a 1x15 sorted out though. Maybe in the future trade his 2x10 in for a 4x10.
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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