so i just downloaded frooty loops and i finally, after spending like 2 hours ****in around with it, learned how to do everything and i made a song and stuff and then i went to save it. no. it says that you have to register your product to save it. to register i need a SN number, which obviously i don't have although i downloaded it through the frooty loops website. does anybody know how i could possibly bypass this or tell me where i could find my SN if i do have it? if not, any other free program to make beats on?
you can export it as an mp3 file if you're finished with the beat you made.

file > export > mp3 file

the only downside is that you cant go back to work on it, because its not saved as an FLstudio file, but it works if you're done working on the beat/song/whatever
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Use Reaper or Audacity.
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