Hi Guys. Well, I have some sort of thing going in our band. Well, its not really bad. In fact, it is not really a problem, but I'd like to hear your suggestions. Our band started about 7-8 months ago. We're a good group of friends, and decided to make a band. Each one of us has been playing their instrument for at least a year. Since it is our first band, we're kinda inexperinced, in, well, being in a band. We've finished a few covers and we commonly rehearse 2-3 times each week (about 3-4 hours each day). Normally, we practice one song 'til its done. Sometimes it takes us a few days, but we finish it. But the thing is, sometimes, when we practice, some of us get tired of playing the same one and decide to play another one, just for a while. We don't get angry just kinda tired. Sometimes, one of us start playing something totall different, and after afew seconds, everyone is doing whatever they want. This lasts like a few minutes. Any suggestions to evade this kind of situation? or even finish songs faster? We do practice individually at home, but still, any ideas? Like I said, its not a huge problem, but I 'd like to hear what you have 2 say
just jam, like it sounds like you guys do, jamming is how you write songs
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Quote by Srgt. Pepper
just jam, like it sounds like you guys do, jamming is how you write songs

what he said
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Well when learning covers for a band, the process will usually go like;

- Someone says they want to learn a cover
- Everyone learns it at home
- At practice, run through it a couple of times (maybe like 3-4)
- Talk about how it could be better, if there's trouble spots just run through those particular ones
- Stop song, move onto next, repeat again next week, at home and at practice

It's amazing that it would take a couple of days to get a passable cover going with your band. Could the problem possibly be that you or another band mate/s are using practice time to learn the songs? Practice time should not be used for learning, with the exception of originals.

And if you don't want band practice to devolve into a random twiddlefest (yes I hate them too), be the leader and say "we are going to try this song now". Structure and leadership are the keys to successful practices and jam sessions.

Oh and 3-4 hour practices 2-3 times a week! That is crazy! My average band practice would go for 2 hours, once a week, and we're tired after that.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.