I bought an accoustic guitar in Winnipeg Manitoba back in 1993.

On the headstock it says "Mansfield Custom"

Inside the guitar it says

- Mansfield Hand-Crafted Japan
- CW-490

Serial number? = 213016

One other identifying feature is that there is something like a curvy vine with leaves that goes up the neck.

Since it says Hand-crafted Japan - does this mean it is an Ibanez?
The internet says "maybe"


So Mansfield did work closely with Ibanez yes, and if it's from the 70s it's more like an Ibanez with the Mansfield logo. And those things are sought after.

Take it to Antique Roadshow and find out.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I know that Mansfield is Canadian and that they outsourced their guitar making. I have no clue what year the guitar was made in. I have searched the WWW for "Mansfield CW-490" but no luck at all