Does anyone know of any cases of pickup blend knobs working backwards, as in when you turn it towards the bridge, it actually favors the neck pickup, and vice versa? My bass sounds way brighter and has way more treble when I set it to the "neck" pickup, and is deeper and less bright set to "bridge", which in all my experience is backwards, though I'm wondering if maybe the bass or electronics are just weird.

Any other Stiletto owners, does your bass also sound brighter with the pickup knob all the way to the left?
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I have heard of basses with balance knobs working counter-intuitively, I think it was the Vintage Relic or something equally obscure. I wouldn't worry unduly if it works.

Im afraid I have no idea about Schecters. Sorry.
Mine does that. The best way to check is to turn it all the way in one direction and tap the pickups with something metal. Whichever one pops is the one that's favored.
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My Jazz 24 does that actually, not much of an issue once you realise that's the case.
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The pickup blend on my Warwick is backwards, can't really say it has ever bothered me... Infact I didn't notice until you posted this thread
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Sure, you just switch two wires around.

I have a guitar with just two pups wired to a selector, and I intentionally wired them backwards (pointing to the neck = bridge, pointing to the bridge = neck.)

There's a good chance yours just got wired up backwards somehow(was it new or used?) If you wanted to fix it it's as easy as desoldering the two wires on the pot and resoldering them back on switched... if you wanted to fix it.