I went to GC today to buy a Dean ML I had my eye on for a while. Since it's presidents day, I printed out the 10 percent off coupon. I find one and am inspecting it and notice two very small but noticeable nicks in the paint. I ask the guy if i can get the price reduced (my friend has done this and gotten the price reduced a lot) the guy says sure and asks me how much I think it should be reduced? I say I don't know so he says fine, and then asks me if I need anything else, because he said it would be better the more stuff i bought. So I bought a headphone amp for $40, and I ask him if I can still use my 10 percent off. He says yes and rings me up, the guitar was listed at $200, and the amp at $40, the total comes to $237? I wasn't really thinking until after I paid and walked out, all he did was take off the tax, a measly $17 and did not apply the 10 percent which would have at least taken off $24 and hardly reduced the price for the flaws in the guitar. I felt so ripped off but can't really do much since I already bought the guitar
Well dude, that's a pretty cheap guitar. good luck with it though. i've had my eyes on a new ibanez. i usually buy used.
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Solution: Pay attention when you're paying for something.

EDIT: Just realized that that's a horrible pun.
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You should have been paying attention. When he asked you how much should be taken off, say 100 bucks cause then he'll go away and come back with a more reasonable 40 bucks or something like that. Got to be on the ball when you trying to haggle someone down, but willing to walk away.

But have fun withit
you know how coupons can't be used with any other coupon?

yeah, to that guy, those nicks in the paint counted as a 'coupon.' kind of sucks for you, but hey, you got greedy.
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you can return it and buy it again with the coupon


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I know it is a pretty cheap guitar, but don't judge unless you've actually played it, and it's not my first guitar so I know what I'm buying. Ya I really was not thinking the whole thing through, I am pretty pissed knowing I could have gotten it for a lot cheaper.
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you can return it and buy it again with the coupon


I really doubt that. 1. because I can't return it saying I didn't think I got a good enough discount. 2. It was a presidents day only coupon
thats why i try to stay away from Guitar Center. I get my accessories there but when it comes to amps/guitars/expensive stuff, i buy from from my other local guitar shops. i recently bought a Bugera 6262 2x12 combo and they took off 100 bucks since i said i didn't have enough lol

point is, GC will try to rip you off since they get paid on commission.