get rid of your cold.
which means waiting a few days,
and not making any more STUPID FUCKING THREADS.
Colds suck. I myself have had a super-human immune system for almost 2 years now since I quit smokin pot and started drinking more often. I don't remember the last time I've gotten a cold or sick with any type of the flu... its crazy. Before that I would always catch a cold at least 2 or 3 times a year probably. Now... nothing. It's so un-normal it's almost scary in a way
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i just got over a really bad cold where i couldnt tast anything too
i just took daytime medicine and some nighttime medicine the nighttime makes you sleep too so if u are having the same troubles as i did then u should get somt cuz it really helps
also if u have a sore throat get some spray medicine and spray back of your throa i numbs it up like crazy but tastes like crap!!!
make sure u drink lots of water and sprite
i recomend hot tea too
and get plenty of rest
u should be back to your old self in 3 days at least thats how long it took me!!