i cant figure out how to do this and have it not sound stupid!


if you listten to too fast for hats at around 3:19 theres that vocal reverse type build up

ive tried putting a bunch of reverb on a vocal part and reversing it then fading in but it sounds dumb

same type of sound in the very begging in thi song


please help i have a project coming up where the band wants this sound
Good christians dont get jiggy wit it til after Marrage
im not sure cuase the band im doing right now wants to have a scream fading in to one of there songs and have it have a similar effectas a reverse cymbal build up

and if i was to put a reverse delay on the scream wouldnt the timing be all gacked?
Good christians dont get jiggy wit it til after Marrage
trying playing with the volume as well as the delay a bit maybe? i dunno, i'm no producer :S
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you could always just cut the scream, only keep the reverse delay... or set the delay to the tempo of the song. If it has none... hmmmmmm

Or maybe, try using automation to give it heaps of reverb at the start and then ease it off... that might work.