I posted a similar question to this one a while back, but I didn't really get much feedback. It's a bit of a tricky problem, where my one way truss rod (on a made in USA Jackson Rhoads) will not loosen anymore. I would like a little more bow (inwards/concave), but I simply can't loosen it anymore. I know that there is nothing wrong with the rod itself because it will still tighten. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with similar problems? I'm also worried about the future, like if it eventually flattens out even more and the guitar becomes unplayable (unless I raise the floyd rose ridiculously high). The best I could come up with is thicker strings but as soon as I take them off it will bend backwards again I'm sure...Thanks.
What tuning do you got on that thing? standard? or a whole step down? Sometimes it takes a good 24 hours for the neck to bend under the strings tension, the lower the tuning the less tension =<
wow a USA Rhoads. dont risk that beauty and take it to a tech. it may be a bit pricey but i wouldnt want to mess up a guitar like that!
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The bow is acceptable, but what I'm really worried about is the future (if it continues to gain backbow, I'd be unable to combat it). I'm wondering if replacing the nut would help at all...I wouldn't think it was worn down already though. Are there any procedures to "reset" the truss rod?
Wait....why do you want inward bow?
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

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Take that to a tech NOW.

Seriously **** me. You obviously don't know what your doing.

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Practice on a junker (or a Squier bullet) before you mess with a USA Select Rhoads.
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Does it have an Ebony fretboard and very large frets?
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Wait....why do you want inward bow?

I'd obviously want more relief if in a few years the strings were fretting out everywhere on the fretboard.

And I'm not "doing" anything to the guitar besides putting a setup on it, it'd be pretty hard to wreck a guitar by doing such. Anything dealing with the neck I'd obviously bring the guitar to a tech.

All I want to know is the possible ways to fix my problem if it becomes a real problem.
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Does it have an Ebony fretboard and very large frets?

Yes, it has an Ebony fretboard, and the frets are "Jumbo".
The harder Fretboard (ie stiffer) material and possibly larger tangs on the frets may be why the neck won't bow much! This really shouldn't be a big problem though! If the neck is dead straight or only has a little relief right now and your notes fret nicely, I wouldn't be concerned. I've read the opposite where fret tangs when installed have actually back bowed the neck by forcing the slots open more than they should be!
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