I'm in a hardcore band and we've been talking with an indie label and they were looking for a band to tour with deeper than blood. We're thinking about doing it but this will be our first full length tour. I need advice. Maybe links to guides and stuff so we don't completely fail and have to go home. Thanks in advance.
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You'll be fine. Just work with the sound guy to get your sound right... and make sure you believe in every note you play!
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You'll be fine. Just work with the sound guy to get your sound right... and make sure you believe in every note you play!


Also, don't EVER, EVER half-ass it. Be committed and serious about your music, have fun, play your heart out.

Enjoy the highs (sometimes really high) and the lows (sometimes really low).
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Oh, and something a little more important than you might think... Don't worry about how cool you look while your playing. Work that sh it out before hand. Otherwise, you're sure to make mistakes (learned the hard way)!
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been in bands before who toured over 500 miles around the country im in, never advertised their music and never had more than 5 people to each gig. absolutely pointless. better to have a guerilla campaign on the internet promoting your stuff eg on youtube facebook etc and target scenekids in the areas you are gonna play then you might get 6 people turing up!
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Don't piss off the sound guy.
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Uhhh??!! That kind of takes the fun out doesn't it? Isn't the point to play live shows as many places as you possibly can. **** that... bring a laptop and do both!
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