Ok, so I want to have a nice cheap guitar neck that's not from a strat or Tele, so that rules out Guitarfetish. Anyone know a good website other than GuitarFetish and Warmoth? With cheap prices, I want a Unique non-fender style neck.
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Carvin makes necks that are pretty cheap I think, and they're not just Strat/Tele necks either.
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Stewmac prolly has something. Never got around to looking at their necks.
There's also Mighty Mite. But pretty much all of their stuff is styled after fender.

And, I'm just curious, what are you using this neck for?
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Stewmac does have some. I believe they're only blanks though (that aren't strat/tele)
Stewmac has necks with a paddle headstock, cut it how you want. But they arent mightymite cheap. If you want that kind of price then unique it wont be. A standard replacement neck can be had for less money, but any time the word custom is thrown in the price goes up. The carvin necks are different shaped but arent going to drop into a tele without mods and arent exactly cheap, more than warmoth. If you want unique than warmoth is the way to go.
guitarpartsusa.com They have paddle headstock necks. You can just cut your own out and they're only $70. I don;t know the quality of them but they look decent enough. You could always build a neck.
I just love warmoth :P
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Allparts.com Is not that great prices, I would rather get one from Warmoth and have it customized. And, for the type of head, I was kinda looking for like cheap Randy Rhoads signature Polka Dot guitar headstock.
Also I'm looking for an ESP explorer headstock for an Explorer i'm building.(Probably ebay 4 that one). Does Guitarparstusa ship to Canada? How bout guitarfetish.com?
Also, what tools do you need to make a guitar neck?
(srry for asking a bunch of questions)
Any help would be nice.