so i've been playing the same les paul studio for a few years, and within the first year of purchase my strap malfunctioned, the guitar fell, and there's a crack about an inch or two long that runs from the nut toward the body.

i've never fixed it because it seems like it would be expensive and i'm not exactly my own source of income.

is this something that should really be fixed? i hardly notice it and i don't imagine its a huge problem, but who knows
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Hard to tell without pics. But my sources say it will only get worse.
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We'll unless it's causing you some sort of trouble then there really isn't any reason you'd need to get it fixed. If you can still play it then it's not technicaly broken, but you could probably fix it your self with some glue and clamps, easy fix anyone could do it.

Step 1. Glue it
Step 2. Clamp it
Step 3. wait for it to dry
easy as that.
Is it along the binding? Like down the side of the neck/fretboard?
It's actually fairly common in older instruments I've seen, I have a '88 LP & it had this problem, the fretboard was just seperating from the neck.
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