Cool song!

To begin with i heard some clashing notes here and there. I'm not sure if you're aiming for that so check that out.

The intro shouldn't be changed.

The calm part is good, maybe you would want to use it again somewhere?

I think that the riff at bar 30 could use a bit of variation in track 1, track 2 is great.

Try harmonizing the tremolo part i think that would work. It's cool as it is now too.

The solo thing after that is awesome

Then comes some of the dissonance i wrote about earlier.

I first thought the part ending (from bar 84) was a bit long but with the fade-out it's cool.

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I'd say harmonize the tremolo as well.

As for any clashing notes, I liked them / didn't notice them

(I turned RSE overdriven guitars for them. The F#m KILLS rse, I love it.
It handled the A(#?)7 nicely, which was surprising.)
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The Clashing notes for me, worked for the song, and in the end i think its best that they stay.

At bar 30, fair enough about the variation comment, i personally thought that it worked fine though.

And the tremolo picking, should definately be harmonised, i believe thats just a sign of laziness.

As for the ending, thats the one part i wouldn't change for anything.

But thanks heaps guys (:
Thanks for the kind words about my song!

I liked the clashing harmonies, as others have. The riffing is simple post-hardcore fare, and I say I rather enjoyed it. The rhythm and timing seemed a tiny bit off, though.

The kind of epic pedal point riff was excellent, and the tremolo riff was really great too. The solo riff seemed a tad off as well, you should work on your timing for these types of songs where the rhythm is supremely important.

The ending riffs were great as well, just focus on the drums being a bit more...there.

8/10. Good job
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Nothing really to say about the intro. When I saw it I thought it would clash bad, but after hitting play it was fine. For the next part, I'm glad you didn't do just straight powerchord progression. And everything played together just fine. I think the next riff could use some variations, maybe move it with the progression. I'd also say harmonize the tremeloing. Not just in basic thirds though. Experiment. I don't really care for the solo, but if they're are still vocals over it I think it will work (I really like when people keep singing over solos, so I'm bias). I find the next progression riff very MCR-esque. That's not a bad thing from me. I really like the stuff starting at 84. Most experimental part of the song. The sometimes clashing harmonies are just fine to me.
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This has a shitload of potential. The only things that are holding this back are the drum dynamics, lack of a climax, and the ending. Watch the drums; pretty much every quieter part there hindered the flow, and removing your cymbals/hi-hats/snares creates too much dynamics. The song flowed and shaped nicely, and while all of the riffs and sections were pretty sweet there was no "wow" moment, nothing that immediately grabbed my attention and made me want to give this song consecutive listens. If you were to add a section like that this song would be absolutely stunning. Imo, if you were to add one and place it before the current outro it would do wonders, so long as you fix the drumming and possibly shorten the outro.

This is already a pretty good song on its own, but like I said, it has potential to be so much more. Keep it up!
Thanks guys!

I realise the drums i wrote weren't the best, haha. i'm still trying to get the idea behind writing them.

The thing that you guys are calling a solo haha. oh man, just to clear that up, i see that more as another riff/section, its definately not a solo, there would be vocals over it.

In regards to broadsword, id like to know what you mean by a wow point?

Thanks so much for the feedback doods.
Really nice work. Should sound good with lyrics and everything. Have you thought of adding a bassline to the song? It would add a lot. I liked the harmonies and everything. I switched the tones for the guitars to Kirk - rythm and James - rythm which is what i normally use for any songs i listen to now. Sounded really good. Liked the solo/another riff bit. Fading out seemed to work well for the ending but i think it would also sound good with a strong finish, but thats just me, i guess. When you get used to the drumming, you should definately work up this songs beat. Not that its bad, it just could be so much better i think.

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