I have just been informed by my good friend youtube that the classic opening credits of the simpsons have been changed. Can comeone please tell me what the hell is going on here? The quality of the shows has become **** since 2001 and they continue to dramatically change the show, and this is the final straw.
As if changing it from cleverly crafted satire to idiotic homer antics wasn't enough, they now decide to obliterate anything that resembled the previous tv masterpiece.
Don't get me wrong, i loved the simpsons. I still religiously watch every pre-season 11 repeat and enjoy every second of them, but this new crap the writers are churning out is terrible.
And to top it off, the new season is HD. WTF!!!???? do the writers not realise this is a fuxing cartoon, not some kind of artsy college project?
Sorry i have been ranting a bit, but Pit, i need your views plox.

Here is the link to the new opening sequence:
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