"Looking for Bass Player and Drummer.

All members must have open minds and a good range of influences.
Preferably under 18 and be able to make rehearsals in the North Shore area.
If you can provide a rehearsal space, even better.
Influences include: Converge, Achilles, Explosions in The Sky, Misery Signals, Architects, Botch, Killing The Dream, Modern Life Is War, Shai Hulud, August Burns Red, Robotosaurus, Verse, Protest The Hero....
Actually screw that, wait till we release some demos or something.

Message this myspace or email me at zach.parker@hotmail.com if you want to know more. "
*sigh* Hows about a death metal bassist who plays pretty much everything? I read ur thing where on the north shore are you? I have a fair sized rig not really a hardcore fan but eh I'm bored quite happy to jam with new people.

ON that note you gotta be open to some creative bass playing..... ie (slapping popping tapping where ever i feel i should put it and goes right with the groove)

and i would consider myself to be a fair rhythm guitarist i can help with riffing.
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woww, thats some nice music you have in your favourite bands.

also awesome with the creative bass cause we have been looking for someone who can do slapping and stuff.

we usually rehearse around mosman or lane cove area. so its not too far from cromer. we will probably end up rehearsing wherever the drummer is though, who we are also currently looking for.

i'm in a musical at the moment, so we wouldn't be able to meet you for like 3 weeks or so, would it be possible for you to add the band myspace or give me your msn or something so i can contact you when we are free?

I sorta wanna join a core band thats happy for some major bass presence too lawl, I've got heaps of ideas that could make breakdowns rather fun if they get used of course.
I am me. Live with it.