this could be the wrong place to post this, but ya know.

alright first of all im just curious how many other people. would love to just, wander with a group of musicains / friends and play street music? its not and offer just wondering how many would actually give up EVERYTHING to play music.

Well first off im 16, i play bass, for the record im a highschool dropout incase you wanna say a smart remark about that. and the thing i wrote above is pretty much my dream and goal for life, call it stupid if you wish. i just want to see how many other people would do this, and if so you should message me, cause in my book your alright lol.

or message me if you wanna start something online ?
upstate newyork, stone creek to be exact, like 15 minutes from warrensburg.

and i play anything pretty much, i dont care for screamo stuff though