I just got a new string for the High e and the string is facing outwards and all the rest of the strings are facing inwards...Does this have any effect on the guitar or guitars sound?

Or is it perfectly fine to leave it like that?
Do you mean you wound the string up the wrong direction on the tuning post? It's not really going to do any harm, unless the string is hitting another post. Since it's the high E, it won't do that, but it will put extra strain on the nut and could cause it to crack. I'd get another and wind it the right way.
it could also decrease tuning stability because the strings are going through the nut at odd angles causing it to bind.
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I tried like 5 times and every time the string ended up facing on the outside...while others were in..
I have 2 strings facing in and 4 facing out. Chill dude, it's no big deal.
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