I was told by my friend that we should avoid placing our guitars in front of (or near) amps or speaker cabs because the magnet will apparently weaken the magnets in our pickups.

I suppose from a theoratical standpoint, it sounds logical. Anyone experienced weaker pickup outputs as a result of placing your guitar in front of an amp or cab?

What about over the long term. Apologies to littlephil, I forgot to mention that putting guitar near the amps or cab will weaken the magnets in pickups over the long term.
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I don't think that would really make any difference. Unless you put it really close to the speaker magnet. Just sitting near it, probably even touching the front of the cab, shouldn't do anything.
well there'd be a lot of artists with very worn out pickups by now if it were true. watch how most guys get their guitars to feed back at will. look at chris cheney on a one of the second solution videos on jewtube.
i can tell you that its officially bollocks- not only am i an experienced guitar player, im also studying theoretical physics at a very god uni for it. As such i know a lot about magnets/electricity etc

There is no reason why it would weaken the magnets in the pickup due to the way magnets work- it'd require by far stronger magnets to alter the magnetic structure.

The only reason not to do it is you will get feedback a lot more, though this can be used to your advantage if you know what your doing.
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