Hey all.

So I recently acquired a neck for my project. It came ready with tuners installed.

I attempted to take the tuners off, because today I'm going to be painting the face of the headstock. Five of the tuner screws came off after much effort... they were stripped by the time I got them out. You know, the tiny screws behind the headstock that keep the tuners straight.

Anyway, one screw on the G string tuner hole was extremely tough to get out. After much twisting and hand pain, I heard this "snap". So I lifted up the screwdriver and saw, to my horror, that the head of the screw snapped off, leaving the rest inside, where I can't bloody get it out.

To make things worse, I accidentally gouged the wood around it trying to get it out. I admit, this is a very stupid thing to do, and I regret it. However it's all covered up by the tuner when fitted, plus I'm going to redrill all the holes anyway, so the gouging really doesn't matter.

tl;dr, I broke the head off a tuner screw, the rest is stuck in the headstock, and I want to get it out.

Simple enough...you should be able to "drill out" the broken screw, fill the enlarged hole with wood filler and toothpicks, redrill a proper sized hole, and screw in the new screw. Good luck.