I have the sheet music here for Stronger Woman by Jewel... And I can't figure out how to play the Bm and the A/C# Chords in this music.

....... ___
It's X24432 and the 2 - 2's are slurred (have a curve over them)

Another one is a A/C# Chord

........ _
Its x4222x The first and the last 2 are slurred

I hate embarrassing myself on here but really i'm here to learn since I can't find somebody to give me guitar lessons. Please tell me how I'm supposed to play these chords properly in order for it to sound right. I'm pretty much teaching myself. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

SnK ~ aka Chelle

sorry had to put the periods in to show the slurs
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it means you baree over those notes...
ike an Bm barre chord... and the a.. you just baree it with you index...

I agree with that person :P

But if thats hard to do then don't get hung up over it. Obviously practice trying to do barr chords but if your struggling play the chord anyway you can first and then work on it over time (i am maybe wrongly assuming you would find barr chords difficult as a begginer)

When i am learning a new song, i try to get the chord structure nailed first, without worrying about how the chords are strummed, then listen to the song myself to try mimic what the guitarist is doing. That way you can still be individual in covering a song.
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Wrong forum. This may be a more suitable place.

I'll go ahead and answer your question anyways though.

For the B minor, barre the second fret with your index finger, then middle finger on the third fret of the B string, pinky on the 4th fret on the G string (3rd string), and your ring finger on the 4th fret D string.

For the A/C#, barre the second fret, again with the index finger and use your ring finger to fret the 4th fret on the A string.
1-> Indexfinger 2-> Middlefinger 3-> Ringfinger 4-> Pinky

13421 finger
24432 frets

3111 finger
4222 frets


4111 finger
4222 frets)

The slure means it's a Barre or Bar-chord. This means in his case: Indexfinger over all the strings in the 2nd fret.

Hope you understand my english is not very helpful sometimes ;P
see i as thinking that the slur would mean i would have to play the first finger note then the second right after rather than both being played at the same time

for the A/C# chord why would that slur be there if i just needed my fingers on all 3 of the strings together? thats why i'm asking about this i just want to know how to play slurred chords