I saw epiphone valve standard combo for $500AUD. That got me wondering, are there any good cheap valve or tube combos out there for $500AUD or less? It'll most likely remain in my room so it doesnt have to be killer loud or big. A small 15-30w would be sufficient.

If it is just going to just stay in your room, i recommend a Blackstar Ht-5 mini-stack. Its $400-500 American. I love it cause u can can get that breakup sound at low volumes and it has both British and American tones.

Also look into a Tiny Terror combo, same thing as before, except the blackstar may be a little nice and cheaper.
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I dont think you can find anything else here thats gonna be as cheap as the VJ. Everything is already expensive because of our ****ty dollar (damn you america!!! why didnt u buy our coal?!?!?)

At best, the VJ u saw was probably on sale.

P.S: the Ht-5 will be a lot more than $900 at least. though its just a rough estimation
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If it's just for house use, then I'd suggest 5-7watt.
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vox VT30. Valvetronix.

i think its a valve/tube hybrid

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See if you can find a Laney VC15, nice little amp for classic rock. I don't know whether it's available for less than 500AUD, since you guys always get the butt end of the deal. :/
Maybe you can find a used one. That is, if you don't mind buying used.

If you need the amp for home use only though, maybe an even smaller amp would suffice. A Blackheart Little Giant would work brilliantly for classic rock. It only got 5 watts though, but for home use that is plenty loud (keep in mind that tube amps are loud as hell in comparison to solid state amps).
Another 5 watt tube amp that I recommend is the Ibanez Valbee, though it has a 6.5" speaker only, so it lacks bass. It's not as loud as the Blackheart, either. Nevertheless it is a nice sounding little amp and should work for classic rock, even though it has more of an "American" than a "British" voicing. See if you can try one.

Last but not least: Tube is not necessarily the way to go. I prefer modelling amps over cheap tube amps most of the time because they are more versatile and because tubes don't necessarily mean that an amp will sound good. You'll have to check out some tube and modelling amps yourself to determine which is better for you though. If a modeller is an option for you, I recommend looking at the Vox VT30, it has the best crunch tones of all the modellers in it's price range imo.
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If it's just for house use, then I'd suggest 5-7watt.

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Prices are pretty crazy by you. "Legacy" is re-branded "Epiphone" down under. Maybe the Legacy version of a VJ? Or the Blackstar if it's in budget. The vj "Legacy" would need an overdrive pedal to get some classic rock crunch.
I picked up a used Peavey Valveking Royal 8 for $110 USD. It's 5W class a and does a pretty good job.