So i've had a look and as most of you i'm sure know, 18v pedals are really bloody hard to find (i mean regulated ones, none of this voltage changing stuff) andi figured it would be 10 times easier just to get one of those y cables.

Only problem is... i can't find where to buy one... yes i googled and searched and searched, no luck, can anyone help?
i don't understand what you mean..

are you looking for a power adapter that outputs 18 volts? looking for a cable that connects two wall 9v adapters in series to yield 18 volts?

or are you looking for a y-type cable that allows you to hook a bunch of pedals up to your 18 volt adapter?
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I'm looking for a y type cable to make 2 9v adapters 18v, should of explained it better. I think voodoo labs make one but its not worth to import it (looking at about 20 bucks)

I would make one, if i had the savvy or time.
splicing the adapter ends shouldn't be hard at all. cut off the ends, connect on positive line to the negative line and then the remaining 2 ends to the new jack.

just make sure your polarities are absolutely correct.

or you could always try to order one of these.

its an ibanez AD 80. (not to be confused with the delay pedal.. which can also come up if you google that model name)
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.