hai guyzz!!!! im planning on getting a pedal soon, but i have never really tried any pedals because i dont go out very often, i just tried the something demon wah pedal once upon a time and thats it! Im planning on getting myself a distortion pedal, but im not sure where to start looking! Im planning on buying my pedal online because its WAYYY cheaper i think, but i wouldnt mind buying it from a store, and i intend to test the pedal out aswell.

Anyway, this is waht im looking for atm, A soft kinda distortion (grey pianos flying - shawn lane, or a tender surrender - steve vai (the main simple rif, not the solo)). im not sure if what shawn lane uses acan be considered a distortion, but thats an argument for another time.

Another type of pedal im kinda interested in is the synth, but ive havent heard much songs which are being used by them, but i hear a bit of Mattias and im liking it, so are there a ny ground rules i must set when looking for a pedal?

Im extremely budget oriented, i cant afford to pay 200 AUD for a pedal and then realise that it was a joke, so help is much appreciated! Im into the jazz fusion, instrumental rock, power metal and abit of heavy metal (pantera) kinda thing. At the moment my god father is buckethead, shawn lane and sonata arctica.

So yea, if anyone got any recommendations, or if theres a particular pedal perfect for me, feel free to tell me! If anyones curious, i like to do scale runes and i like to harmonize my melody as im playing, and i have an ibanez rg350dx, and my gay amp doesnt have a purely clean sound, but my extremely cheap amp does, so yea!! i like phrygian, aeolian, ionian, and the two main pentatonics, just abit of extra there.

O and my main playing style is legato, i almost never trem pick unless its a section tahts done on 1 string for at least 2 seconds, otherwise its always legato, the smoothness makes yummy ness. I live in aus and im not sticking to any aprticular budget, i dont mind paying 200-4oo for a pedal, aslong as its worth it! THANKKKKZZZZ


Edit: i re read my post and it sounds abit unclear, what i basically wanna know is which pedal wuld be a bettter choice for soemone like me, distortion or the synth. I love both sounds equally, maybe bending clsoer towards the soft distortion, but ill never knowwww!!!!
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