Hi everyone,

I was hoping you guys could help. I am currently trying to set up my guitar just like my original guitar, with a completely straight neck, and the same string height throughout the entire neck. If you look at it from the top view, it would look like straight lines. I did it after some careful work, and it had a floating bridge so that allowed me to go so low.

However, on my other guitar, it is a fixed bridge (which cannot go any lower than where it is now), and the action is perfect on the lower frets 1-10ish, and around the 12th fret, starts to get too high. Its not too much, but its enough to annoy and aggravate me, and it just doesnt feel the same

I tried turning the truss rod, and it lowered the action on the higher frets, but also lowered the action on the lower frets, giving me enormous fret buzz. I doubt the truss rod has anything to do with the action however, so im welcome to any suggestions, thanks in advance!
Sometimes it can be very hard to get it back exactly how you want it if you don't know what you are doing. I had this same problem years ago where I managed to get the action good but when you played a note one the 12th fret, it was out of tune from the original. I actually took it to a local guy who specialised in setting up guitar necks. It ended up being better than when I bought it from new. You might want to enquire at a local music shop to find out if anybody can do it. I know it costs some money, but it's better than having a guitar which doesn't work properly.

Yea I'd have to see pics of the guitar is diffrent for every guitar.