Hey guys,
I was hoping some of you may be able to help me out with a weird problem I'm trying to figure out regarding Guitar Pro 5 and a Korg Padkontrol I am using. What I want to do is use the padkontrol to tab out drums on Guitar Pro 5. I;d love to set the pad to the different numbers so I would be able to write my drums this way. However, I seem to have set all of the ports correctly and I can get the padkontrol to access the notes from 0-30 in the percussion section and that's all. As soon as I try to set a note above the 30 in the padkontrol it just won't register anything. These effects are just weird blips and things so you can't even really tab out drums. Does anyone know how I can fix this so I can access the notes like the bass drums and snares and toms that are all around the 30-70 numbers? Sorry for the dumb question, but I can't figure it out!
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