I was thinking about putting a pair of red lace sensors into the neck spot on my Jag.

I won't be doing this as I don't know enough about the wiring/electrics, but I have something to ask..

Sorry if this sounds really amateur-ish but the Jag pickup has two wires - black and orange I think (I can't remember), and the Lace Sensor has green, orange and white wires. How would one go about connecting the Lace Sensor to the original electrics/is it possible?

Of course it's possible. Green and white go to ground. Orange is the is the hot wire and goes to pot/switch/whatever.

I'm not sure I'd put a red in the neck though. Maybe a blue or something. I have a red in the bridge of my strat and a blue in the neck which is a great combo. The red would probably be too hot for the neck and volume mismatch whatever's in the bridge. Also, the blue is more tonally suited to the neck position. Check lace's website. It has all the models and recommended positions
Ah ok, thanks.

I was going to wait before I do something to the bridge pickup