Hi there. i have a specific goal in mind for a pickup. if anyone with pickup knowledge has suggestions, i'd love to hear em on this:

I play strats and require the jangle/clean of the angled single coil.
But, I also play high gain pedals and punk rock and want a humbucker that is splittable so I can go between more power/sustain for the distortion and the clean/vintageness of the single coil via a toggle switch.

Whatever humbucker I install will be installed in an angled position so that the bottom half is angled exactly like a strat.

What pickups come to mind for this (not interested in rails whatsoever)?

Are there custom pickup makers who would take an order for something like this?

Try the Seymour Duncan stag mag it the only humbucker that comes close to a strat sound when split IMO
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