Hello good people, this is my first time doing this, so go easy please!

This is just something i did last weekened when i was bored.

Its just guitar, bass & drums, as i cant really write vocal melodys, and i sort of wrote it with my band in mind, which is just; bassist (me) guitarist and drummer.

So... enjoy! (I hope...)

By the by; the Muh's are just to seperate the different sections of it
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I'll crit as I go along.

I like the first section, but you really need some notes to indicate a chord change( get guitar to do this, or just the bass), or just to make it a little more interesting.

Second section is pretty cool, but as with the first section, a little more variation would make it more interesting.

And 3rd section, again, needs a bit more variation, just to spice it up and make it interesting. Personally, I think the drums should have come in near the beginning. Like the chords in this part.

When bass comes in, it solid and follows, but again, try spice it up.

The next bit is just a little bit generic, so I won't really say much on that

Then the little lead bit. I like this bit, but again, the bass is a bit basic.

Love it when it goes into distortion, where it stops every 4th bar, cause that sounds pretty cool.

Its not bad for a first timer here, but you have a way to go

P.S. Just been messing around with this piece, its got me pretty inspired actually, attached below (Never neglect the bass guitar!). It still kinda fits if you stick a "from" before where, and then add some different lyrics after O_o

P.P.S almost forgot... Care to crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1069177
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I second pretty much everything adaeha said. And doing something similar to what he was doing in his little example would really make a huge difference.