can you use an amp head without using a cab? so basically can an amp head be used as an amplifier without a cab?

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and it will DESTROY the head........................but if yoou are using the Behringer............then fine with me (DESTROY THAT CRAPPEH AMP)
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Never ever ever use a head without a load. Even if you rig up a dummy load instead of using a cab.


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Can a head be used as an amplifier umm yea thats pretty much what it does. But without speakers why amplify anything to begin with. You dont need a power amp to record or go into a mixer.
I can't believe that people actually ask this question! 3 or 4 times a week I see this same question.

Look at it this way! If you have a stereo in your house and you unplug the speakers are you going to hear anything? NO!!! Same basic principal is at work here. No speakers NO sound.
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there's no speaker in the head

and it could damage it if you run it without a speaker

Could? Try will.
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Unless its electronic drums.