Hi folks! Well yesterday i bought a jackson soloist remember the one in amber sunburst?

Yes. But was wondering the guitar is actually cind of heavy , it got the same weight like my les paul( wich is made of mahogany) and on the jackson website it says that the Sl2H is made from alder. But i got a unfinished neck and its dark wood almost red brown ish. And i dosent sound as bright as alder much more darker more chugga chugga.

And is it alder or mahogany?

The modell with alder is SL2H and the one with mahogany is Sl2H MAH.

Thanks a bunch huggggz(ironicall)
What do you think the MAH is for?
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Quote by Soul Eater
What do you think the MAH is for?

I know it stands for mahogany! But it was just to separate the two diffrent modells.
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