I cant seem to write good intros, any advice?

I mean music not lyrics by the way, thanks
I have the inverse problem, I have trouble composing verses and such. Its wierd. I suppose the best advice I can give is just keep improvising until you find a melody you like, then build off of that. Sometimes I just pick a starter note, and attempt to build a solid intro riff based on that note. It would help me if I know what type of music you were going for, as well.
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Cheers. Im into not too heavy metalish stuff like A7X, Lostprophets, Bullet for my Valentine and Bring Me The Horizon.
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I've got the same problem as Ulalume, I can write intros, but just as soon as it's over I'm like "Ok...wtf do I do now?".

It all depends on if you're going for a non complex intro or something with a solo in it or not I guess. I'd say pick a song you know/like, and play it, but start to change the notes and beat around until you've got something you haven't heard before. I actually made a chord progression doing that, and then I just added on a solo that I wrote measure by measure. Now I can't figure out how to end the intro and go into a verse.