So I'm sure we all know about Enter Shikari, with their post-hardcore trance awesomeness... But recently I've been looking for more. "Trancecore" is like a nearly non-existent genre, otherwise i'm googling the wrong terms.

I spent a ton of time searching yesterday, and only could come up with these few bands...

Enter Shikari (obviously)
Silent Descent
Blood Stain Child
Abandon All Ships

...and that's really all I could find. I didn't include Sky Eats Airplane because from what I've heard of them, it's not a whole lot of trancey stuff, or at least not so much what i'm looking for.

Does anyone else know of any bands that are pretty much equal parts metal/hardcore and equal parts techno/trance?
Genghis Tron maybe? I'm not entirely sure what trance is, hah. Sorry if they don't meet your criteria.
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1. There's a recommendation thread at the top of the page.
2. Someone started a thread asking for the EXACT SAME THING YESTERDAY.

1. Just looked at the recommendation thread, nothing like this exists.
2. Just went through a few pages of threads with nothing of this nature.

Trance/Techno fused with metal/hardcore. Not to be confused with industrial.

I'm looking for stuff more like Blood Stain Child, but with more trance/techno elements.
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1. Just looked at the recommendation thread, nothing like this exists.

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If you're looking for a genre or sound that I don't have listed, still ask for recommendations in this thread instead of creating your own.

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2. Just went through a few pages of threads with nothing of this nature.

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does anyone know of any "trancecore" (that's what its called i know its ridiculous) bands besides them and enter shikari
post them

Taken from this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1068932
which is on the front page.
Trance is where there is that swelly bass and it goes BOSHCHI BOSCHI BOSCHI BOSCHI and the synth lead goes chugi chugi chigi chugi chugi chugi chigi chugi somewhat fast and it is an electronic sounding lead. Techno has the same bass, but a less electronic sounding lead, it is more of a noisey swooshiswooshi dughidughi thing.

As for Hardcore Trance? I'm not sure... There is Dark Trance stuff, that is similar to fusions of Black Metal and Trance (though most of the times it is more Ambient-Trance, not Club Trance; thus Dark-Ambient)

edit: look up the different types of electronic music because my descriptions aren't that good (Ishkur's descriptions are good, if I remember correctly (google search him)). Hardcore Hardcore would be amazing.
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Winds of plague.

Probably too heavy for what you're thinking
But they have keys and electronic sh*t going on.