I am looking for a new cab to be paired up with my hartke 2500 bass head. I am going to start gigging in small venues and wondering if I should buy a 1x15, 2x12, or 2x10. I don't really want a 4x10 because of the size and weight issues. My budget is around $400 preferably not above that and i play rock, jazz, and reggae. All suggestions are welcome.
For playing jazz/reggae, a single 12 or a 15 should do the trick, as typically you dont always meed the high end.

However if you have the chance to try/buy a 212, I say go for it, you'll have a mixture of the tonal properties of the 10s and 15s, plus it shoudl be loud enough for pub gigs with a rock band.

I'll try and find something in your price range

EDIT: if you want to add another cab later, go with the 115 now and add a 210 later
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go for the 1x15 but just so you know a 1x15 cab is normally the same size as a 4x10
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I've really been considering buying the avatar 2/12 cab, but I'm afraid to jump in without trying it out.

Does anyone at the bass forum own this cab?

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go for the 1x15 but just so you know a 1x15 cab is normally the same size as a 4x10

same size, but they do tend to be a fair bit lighter.
go for a 1x15, then expand with a 2x10 later!
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Dullsilver, the fitz owns one, as does pandethe 3 i think hes called. You could ask them.

I say get a 15 now, and depending on your tastes later on, get a second 15 or a 2x10, or both for the options.
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