ok, not many people seem to of heard of him, his name is steffen shackinger, he makes the most amazing guitar pieces around and because nobody knows him there aren't any tabs out there! there is one for the intro for one oh his songs called "perfect waves" but really i need the whole song and another song of his called "city lights" both of these songs are amazing and you can check them out on youtube, but if someone could tab these then omg they would be legends!!

just checked him out on Youtube. pretty good stuff, not really my kind of music, but i could get into playing it.

request +1 for any tabs by this guy.

(sorry, im not any help)
It will take me awhile but as long as i have a visual i can usually tab something like that. I'll report later.
yeh jerryc is amazing, ive already learnt canon rock coz i think its immense and i'm startin to learn im alright coz thats cool, but i really wana learn these shackinger songs coz i really do love them, and once i've done that i should be able to make a backing track