Im looking for a guitar that can b played in drop c w/o damaging anything
Right now i hav a Stagg LC-320 and i play in drop d most of the time, and i want to learn a song in drop c but when i drop it , it sounds like ****...

im lookin for somthing along the line of an Ibanez or Schecter...

someone help give some ideas

thnks ppl
If you put heavier strings on the guitar you have you could probably play Drop C with it.

If you insist on a new one... I have an Epiphone Explorer I leave in Drop C and it's perfect for it. A Schecter Hellraiser or higher end Ibanez RG would do just as well... any guitar with heavier strings would be fine, but if you're changing tunings, I suggest getting a guitar WITHOUT a trem unless you really need it.