I'm starting a guitar program at a summer camp for this year and I need some help with what my curriculum should include and where. I'm going to be having kids come in once a week for anywhere between 2-8 weeks (I know....) and there are going to be kids of all different levels so here's what I was thinking:
Absolute Beginners:
How to hold, strum etc.
String names
Open/Power Chords

Notes on strings
Beginning Theory

Help with songs they're learning on their own

Does anyone have any suggestions as to something I'm leaving out or something I should/shouldn't be doing?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Inform them about the 5th fret and move swiftly on to whammying without a whammy bar.

They'll be shreddin sawdust off the fretboards in no time.
or you could just give them all laptops with a link to UG, and tell them "have fun, this is how I learned"
Eight string sweeping and ten finger tapping.
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Eight string sweeping and ten finger tapping.

too easy, teach them 11 finger tapping

*whips out schlong*