Hey I was just wondering what power supply you would recommend to avoid any power cuts or anything when power multiple boss pedals?
Thanks a lot.
If you have LOTS of petals that use 9V then a DC Brick is your best option:


It's not cheap but it powers everything without adding noise and is very reliable.

Personally I have a PS-9 5-petal adapter:


It makes some noise with phasers, wahs, and the like but powers everything else silently. I've been thinking of switchting to a DC Brick though, so I can add more delays to the mess without having to run anything on batteries...

If you have 3-4 petals though the PS-9 is the way to go.
If you have the Boss TU-2 or the NS-2 you can buy a daisy chain and power the rest of your Boss pedals. I think up to 8 at a time.
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I have a 9 volt converter from my Ibanez weeping demon that I ran a daisy chain on to run the Weeping demon, two boss stompboxes and a danelectro.... Could this be causing the terrible hum in my amp?
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Unless its electronic drums.

ye i think that will be the problem as I experienced that when I used to do the same as you!!!