I was over at my friends house yesterday and he was playing my V-100 and then it just started making these high-pitched noises, then my friend took off the back plate and said I'd have to get new wires, a input jack, and such. But I was wondering would it be cheaper just to buy a new guitar? Thanks in advance
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definitely would not be cheaper to get a new guitar. it should cost you like $12 tops for parts.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
thats what i thought but i had to make sure, and where may i find these wires? and would it be a good idea to get new pick-ups too?
Fender M-80 Chorus
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u should most definitly just buy the parts...
my input literally disappeared into the guitar, so i went to the music store and they just took apart the body and replaced the input and a few wires...
he charged me like 5 bucks,
u probly just need to change the input and the wires