How much money would i have to spend in order to get an acoustic guitar that will hold its value or even go up in value?
That drastically depends on market and the future of said company. However, I'd say if you go with a name brand, or something that is emerging nicely as of late, then I would say roughly $1k.
Play the game like a business. Money is made when you buy. I learned a lot from two people, my father and a friend of his that owns a music store, and they work together combing the state and the internet for good deals. In general, they have to operate under a local bias that means they can't really spend more than a couple hundred bucks for anything that doesn't say Martin or Gibson on it, but things are loosening up a bit and they have been able to make money on some solid top Blueridge guitars. I follow their lead; I travel a good deal in my job and stop at just about every music store I see, and I make pocket change every so often. This year:

Fernandes laminate bought in a Maryland pawn shop, paid $45, sold for $80
Fender laminate bought in El Paso pawn shop, paid $75, sold for $120
Martin laminate bought at local GC, paid $370, best offer so far $275.
MIM Strat bought at South Carolina GC, paid $370, traded for MIM Telecaster that I plan to keep for a while.
Consignment sale- found a buyer for a Gibson Grenada banjo, my cut was $300 Bought for around $3700, sold for $5200
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