Well, I'm having troubles. I get a ton of hum from my amp when my guitar is plugged in and when it isn't plugged in. It more of a hiss without the guitar, but when I have my guitar plugged in, it buzzes like crazy. How can I get rid of this without a noise gate? Atleast get rid of as much hum and buzz as possible.

-I have an Esp Ec-50 with an Emg HZ and an emg select.
- I have a b-52 at-112.

I'm using a gold monster cable. and I have my guitar plugged into a surge protector that says its properly grounded. It hisses on clean also. I really dont want to send money right now, so any ideas?
isp decimator...................

and sell the monster cable.......
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Could be the wiring in the house. My amps did the same until I fixed the ground lug outside the power box. Could be shielding in your guitar does it have any? Could be coming from your FX or power supply for FX. Some amps are just noisier than others. Have you tried other guitars with the amp or your guitar with another amp?
yes, My guitar seems to be pretty bad with hum, ive tried lots of different amps with it. How do I get my pickups shielded properly? I dont have any effects to the amp, just guitar straight to it.
I'd definately check the grounding in your amp. That sounds like a very likely candidate to me.