It's 5am in Australia, and there's not a lot to do, so I'm making a thread. (used searchbar already)

What is your favourite solo tone? What effects do you like to use?

For me, my favourite solo tones on my Vypyr are on the British/Plexi channels, bass at 5, mids at 8 and treble at 6 with the auto-wah... and the 6505 channel, bass 8, mids 7, treble 6, sometimes with the Analog Phase.

What about the rest of UG?
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I use my SG, with my Boss OS2 pedal. It's a good crunchy metal tone. I have a lot of high end, bit less mid and even less bass. For the actual song I use my bridge pickup, and for solo's I tend to use my neck pickup because it sounds nicer in my opinion. Live, I don't change pickup.
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I like the 6505 for solos too (i got the vypyr also) for solos I like a more warm neck pickup sound.. if that makes sense.. like bullet for my valentine type deal.. a good example would be the slow part of the solo suffocating under the words of sorrow by them.. I also like the tone on the ultra channel of the real JSX stack with mids around 7 bass and treble 8-9 and cranked gain
i like to use my amp clean with reverb and wah.

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for what I've heard so far: slight delay and/or reverb, slight chorus and a nice Overdrive.

but most of all... a good technique
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Vypyr on the rec channel, mids turned up rather high, treble backed off a good deal, bass around the same as the treble. Turn down the pre a wee bit, and the post i put around 3-4 o'clock

Oh and i almost forgot, slight delay and a smidgen of reverb.
Variax set on rickenbacker 360>SuperPlextortion at 50% hi-gain switch on>Lunar Module fuzz at 70% body 70%> POD XT Live with about 20% phaser and delay set at 250ms (no amp modeling)>Valve Junior at 11 o'clock position. Love that tone
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