I'd hit it

red = the new black

family affair!

I got this hot peice of ass from Steve's Music shop in Montreal.

Regularly on sparrows website it goes for 1199$
Steve's was selling it for 699$

I was looking for one for months too....Really excited about it, I put a deposit on it when I bought my classic 50 jan 31st
i like the mustang better
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Oh I say sir, a fine stallion of a lady you have aquired there, with a tidy little bigsby aswell. I wish you many happy years together until death or some ignorant sod who drops your lady.....do you part.
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A LP copy with flames and a bigsby, something you don't see everyday.
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Nice Fenders.

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A LP copy with flames and a bigsby, something you don't see everyday.

exactly what I was thinking.
Nice axe, I believe the guitar gods would approve.
Ha, thanks to all the people that are complimenting the mustang...I only had like 4 people say anything in the thread I made when I bought it .

More pics of the Mustang in my profile

Anyways, back to the sparrow....I think I love it cause it's everything the mustang isn't. 2 nice thick humbuckers, thicker neck, thick tone, heavier. Basically, whatever my mustang doesn't do well, my Sparrow can do well, and vice versa.
I'm really happy with this guitar.

For the same price I could've got a used gibby les paul studio, agile al-3100, used japanese LP copy (pre lawsuit), an epi les paul, or a PRS SE SC. Most of those other choices would've been cheaper, but this is the best playing les paul style guitar I've ever played (I've played atleast 35-40 different les paul style guitars) so it was worth the extra money, and I may not use the bigsby often...but it doesn't hurt to have it.

P.S. Anyone who bitches that les pauls are too heavy / bulky to play, and the necks are two thick to play must be anorexic leprechauns.
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Those Sparrow's have there parts made in Korea and then they're built in Vancouver B.C., Canada if I'm not mistaken.
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That is stupidly sexy. Thanks for sharing.

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