isp Decimator.
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isp Decimator.

An amazing pedal, the rack version is better again
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id reccommend the isp too. its really good, but you might be able to adjust your rig and ditch the hum. i almost bought one, but i ended up just needing to adjust my gain. i hear good things about the MXR too tho.

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I know ever1 says isp, but me I actually prefer the Boss, maybe I just got lucky, but even my friend who has been playing longer and knows this stuff better, told me the boss sounds better, he was surprised tho.
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My drummer has one of the Boss' lying around. Ill test that first. Whats the difference between the 2 different isp's anyways. I didnt get it

There's the ISP Rack Decimator, and the ISP Pedal Decimator. It's just rack form vs. pedal form. The pedal does fine, but if you want something of REALLY high quality (also of a high price), than get the rack.
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