I´ve had the Idea for this song a month ago, but I didn´t want to write it until today, because I felt something was lacking. This song is heavily driven by the drums and Modal interchanges, as well as a Keychange. It draws influence from Radiohead, and I´m struggling to find a genre for it. The arrangement is a bit limited, since I´m a fan of 2 channels per instrument, and guitar pro limits me to 16 channels. C4C, the more you write, the more I write. Please leave a link to your piece in my thread. If I´m not critting fast enough, please remind me.

There is no RSE mix for this piece, so listen to it with RSE turned off.

Have a nice listen!
Lunar Eclipse.zip
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First of all, this doesn't need a genre, it's so unique in its own way. I was amazed at the guitar work. The layering worked out great, and it helped everything flow very smoothly. The time changes were a good idea, as it got rid of repetition. I really liked the synth bass overdub (if you want to call it an overdub). The drums kept the song moving which was great. I couldn't find anything wrong at all. Great stuff.

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Love the opening bit, something about the way you've done it makes it sound really huge. Really good timing on the 2 bar bass bit.

Really unique drums, although the bars that end with 8th 16th 16th followed by a new bar that starts 8th 16th 16th really bother me. It feels like drummer hiccuped or something. Other than that they're great.

The section that starts at bar 49 is awesome. Great bass line, and all the instruments are layered together just right.

Can't say I liked the lead guitar all that much. It wasn't bad, but it was a little quiet, and it sounds a little too aimless and wandering , right up until you hit the 16th note octaves, then it manages to become too loud and very annoying to listen to. I think it being midi plays a huge factor in that though.

Nice little transition at 129. I like the first half of it, but your choice in notes for the lead guitars bother me.

From this point on I'm not really sure how I feel about this. It kind of feels like a super long outro, that keeps changing to a really unpleasant chord, in a way that suggests the song is trying too hard to become dissonant and chaotic and it wants to be absolutely you're aware of the fact. The drums and bass are excellent from here to the very end of the song. But the rest of the instruments were really hit and miss.

It kind of felt like thing's did finally come together at around bar 233, at which point as best I can describe the song finally stopped trying to be insane, and actually achieved insanity itself.

I like the idea of bringing back an earlier section, but it was a really jarring transition. Still from that point on the entire piece seemed to come together really well, and ending it with just the bass like that was awesome.

Final thoughts

Drums and Bass were awesome throughout the whole piece, I thought everything else was hit and miss. When things sounded right, they were absolutely perfect, but when things were wrong it felt like it was trying a little too hard to tell you exactly what it was supposed to be.

Despite its flaws, I have to say it's still an incredibly impressive piece of music. I think this is the kind of song that really suffers when it's confined to midi, and if you were to actually make a real recording of it you'd end up with something massively epic on your hands.

C4C if you want
I listened with RSE and thought it sounded amazingly epic. seemed kinda repetitive at points and the lead guitar definitely didn't fit in most places.
that aside, however, this was just plain awesome.
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