So with the purchase of new recording gear coming soon, another question of mine has popped up.

I've decided I want to buy a cheap bass for recording with, and simply record direct-in w/a plug-in or something of the like. How exactly would I go about that? What's a good, relatively inexpensive bass? (Are the ones on Rondomusic good?), and will I need anything else with it? (Software/plug-in wise)
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The greatest, inexpensive bass I've found is the OLP Stingray copies. Not sure how they can offer that quality at that price but they kick ass. (That said I also have an ancient P-Bass copy called a Marina that is outstanding but I don't think you can find one of those if you tried.) Ibanez and Yamaha also make decent low-budget stuff.

For recording just plug straight in and use a slight distorsion effect to liven things up a bit. If you want you can go the pedal route and then I recommend the Behringer BDI 21 which is inexpensive but very versatile. It doesn't really sound all that good by itself but it sits very well in a mix.
I would suggest a di box like a sans amp driver
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I run mine through an audio interface and amplitubes Ampeg whatever bass amp emulator. works great.
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